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Shared Living

Shared Living

In Shared Living, an individual, couple, or family share their home and life experiences with a person with an intellectual disability. A shared living provider is willing to establish  a mutually supportive relationship that offers the individual the opportunity to live the life they choose, through teaching, compassion and respect of choice.  My Choice strives to match individuals and providers who have similar interests and personalities so that all program participants are able to have a positive, happy and rewarding experience. Caregivers are offered a monthly stipend that reflects the level of care needed for the individual. My Choice Programs offers ongoing support, training and supervision.
Most Individuals in our Shared Living Program are looking for a long term arrangement. Some individuals however, seek to have a temporary placement with the ultimate goal of living independently. Those individuals are considered for our Transitional Living Care Program.

Transitional Living Care( TLC )

My Choice Programs offers a Transitional Living Care Program under our Shared Living residential option. The difference between the two options is that individuals in our TLC program have the ultimate goal of living independently in their own apartment/home. The length of time needed in this program varies with each individual.  Some need only a year or two to achieve this goal, others prefer to take several years to take this step. The TLC care provider takes on the role of Mentor in the areas needed to obtain each individual's goals. Once their goal of living on their own is achieved, many individuals transition into our Individual Supports program, receiving minimal but consistent support to maintain their independence.

For more information contact the Shared Living Director




Pamela Green

Phone Number:

508-556-6887 ext.104

Email Address:

Office Address:

1158 Main St, Worcester, MA 01603

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