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Respite Services

About the Program

My Choice Programs offers services that focus on social and recreational activities based on personal interest such as training on how to use public transportation, understanding street directions, and using social media and the internet to find information. Additional examples of these services include:

  • Provide verbal instruction, cues, and modeling/demonstration of social skills necessary for successful community integration and satisfactory interactions with family, friends, and others encountered in the community. 

  • Coach individuals to use various means of public transportation safely and effectively, while familiarizing individuals with the orientations of their neighborhoods and general locales.

  • Provide safety training pertaining to all aspects of community access, including use of sidewalks, street crossing, carrying/using mobile phones and up-to-date ID and emergency medical info, etc.

  • Encourage individuals to use local media and the Internet as vehicles of information for accessing community recreational, cultural, and social opportunities. 

  • Connect individuals with various educational and training resources in the community, including fostering enrollment in courses at various local educational/cultural institutions. 

  • Reduce social isolation by encouraging independent utilization of community and senior centers, and maintaining meaningful personal, peer group, and family relationships apart from paid staff involvement.

  • Provide respite services and recreational opportunities on a one to one and small group basis, transporting and supervising individuals as they take part in a variety of community activities based upon their unique interests, capabilities, and preferences.


Respite Coordinator

Cindy Dubay

Email Address:


Office Address:

1158 Main St, Worcester, MA 01603

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