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Support Services

About the Program

My Choice Programs offers a variety of coaching services to enhance an individual’s daily life skills , including management of medical needs. These services include home management, meal preparation, personal hygiene, money management, medical needs management, and a variety of trainings on human rights and proper handling of legal issues and documentation.

Skill Building Services:

Provide specialized coaching to develop or enhance skills for independent living. Our coaches customize trainings according to the unique needs, challenges, and aspirations of the individual, and motivate towards success using the latest methods and technological assistance.

Home management:

Instruction in developing and maintaining a safe and clean home environment. Develop preparedness in responding to a variety of home-based emergencies.  Design each living space according to the needs and preferences of the individual.

Meal preparation:

Provide coaching in all aspects of meal preparation, including proper food storage, meal planning, use of implements, utilization of stoves, burners, toasters, microwaves, etc. Accompany individuals during grocery shopping, encourage positive nutritional choices, adhering to shopping list and budget.

Personal hygiene:

Focusing on cleanliness and attire (weather and situation-appropriate) while supporting an individual’s choices and preferences. Provide specialized instruction in various aspects of self-care, using visual prompting, hand over hand instruction, and physical assistance as needed. Accompany individuals for various personal care appointments (haircuts, salon, etc.)

Financial/money management:

Provide training in budgeting funds, conducting bank transactions, paying bills, and using a checking account. Coaching individuals on properly and securely using ATM cards and safeguarding financial information. Coaching individuals on the safe storage of money while in the community (use of wallet, etc.), and understanding coin values and making change.  Assist with long term budgeting, expense planning and saving.  Accompany individuals on shopping trips for clothing and other desired items, and coach “comparison” shopping to adhere to a budget.

Health and Wellness:

Coaching towards wellbeing through structured classes, such as physical and occupational therapy, and informal activities such as walking, workouts at the gym, or joining physical activity and exercise programs.  Provide coaching on nutrition and diet, in the individual’s home, addressing such concerns as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and other concerns.

Medical Management:

Provide personalized support addressing the unique medical needs of individuals, such as: 

  • Transporting individuals to and from various appointments.

  • Accompanying individuals during appointments and facilitating interactions with medical personnel.

  • Assisting individuals with understanding and following medical recommendations.

  • Coaching individuals to make appointments and adhering to medical appointment schedule.

  • Monitoring an individuals’ utilization of a home-based medication management system.

  • Collaborating with medical social workers, visiting nurses, and other supportive medical professionals to enhance the coordination and delivery of services.

Advocacy and Supportive Services:

Coaching individual to assert rights and dignity and enhance independent living by:

  • Providing individualized human rights training and instruct/coach and support individuals in self-advocacy.

  • Maintaining an active Human Rights Committee as a forum for reviewing incident reports, investigations, complaints, as well as policies and procedures of the agency.

  • Providing crisis intervention and management for individuals related to a variety of emergency situations involving individuals’ health, medical well-being, and safety.

  • Advocating for individuals’ best interests in matters pertaining to housing and government benefits.  Coach and assist individuals with conducting direct interactions with various federal, state and local government agencies and assist with completing government/benefits-related forms.

Director of Community Supports


Jennifer Howard

Email Address:


Office Address:

1158 Main St, Worcester, MA 01603

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