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Skill Building Programs:

Provide specialized training in the skills of independent living, customized according to the unique needs, challenges, and aspirations of the individual.  Motivate success through the application of positive behavioral management techniques utilizing task analysis, successive approximations, positive reinforcement and verbal encouragement.

  • Home management:

Instruction in developing and maintaining a safe and clean home living environment.  Develop preparedness in responding to a variety of home-based emergency scenarios.  Encourage the “individualization” of each living space according to the unique physical and emotional needs and preferences of the individual.

  • Meal preparation:

Provide training in all aspects of meal preparation, including proper food storage, meal planning, use of implements, safe and competent utilization of stoves, burners, toasters, microwaves, etc. Accompany individuals during grocery shopping and encourage positive nutritional choices, adhering to shopping list and budget, and positive interactions with store personnel.

  • Personal hygiene:

Encourage appropriate cleanliness and attire (weather and situation-appropriate) while supporting individual’s choices and preferences.  Provide specialized instruction in various aspects of self-care, utilizing visual prompting, hand over hand instruction, and physical assistance as needed.  Accompany individuals for various personal care appointments (haircuts, salon, etc.)

  • Financial/money management:

Provide individualized training in budgeting funds, conducting bank and store cashier transactions, bill paying, and utilizing a checking account.  Instruct individuals as to the proper and secure utilization of ATM cards, and the safeguarding of personal financial information.  Train individuals regarding the safe storage of money while in the community (use of wallet, etc.), and the understanding of money/coin values and making change.  Assist/instruct individuals as to long term budgeting, expense planning and targeted saving.  Accompany individuals on shopping trips to purchase clothing and other desired items, and assist with “comparison” shopping for bargains and adhering to budgets.


  • Health and Wellness:

Proactively enhance the wellbeing of individuals by involving them in both structured (classes, physical/occupational therapy) and informal (walking/gym workouts with staff) physical activity and exercise programs.  Provide opportunities for nutritional/dietary instruction, again, both structured (attending classes) and informal (individual’s home, with staff worker assisting), addressing such concerns as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc.

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