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Community Based Individual Peer Support/ Respite:  


A peer worker is a person who has overcome challenges in their life, and shares the


same or similar life experience as those we serve. Hope , inspiration and


encouragement for what is possible for another person comes from seeing success.


Peer support makes a difference. When a person has the same or similar life


experiences that we do, we seem to be able to understand each other quickly.


Working through life’s challenges with someone who has overcome the same


challenges we are currently experiencing helps us to see that it may be possible for


us to succeed also. Peer support allows us to have committed support for our


journey. Peer support is not clinical. It is not case management. A peer supporter


helps people know they can live the life they desire and:


     Exercise Choice;


               Make Meaningful Decisions,


                              Participate Fully in their Communities and


                                             Actively Living their Lives.


(if you are thinking your success can inspire others, join us in making a difference for others)

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