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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

My Choice Programs is committed to providing quality services that are designed to enable individuals to make choices and meaningful decisions, speak out for themselves and others, initiate ideas, take risks, and make informed decisions about needed supports. It is a part of our mission to make certain that our services are consistent with an individual’s needs and desires. In part, we do this by offering flexible resources which are driven by an individual’s choice. Additionally, it is part of our mission to teach, guide and support an individual so that he or she will stand out as valued members of the community


My Choice Programs adheres to a strict ethical duty to provide cost effective services delivered by well-trained, qualified staff. Our organization values the ethnic, religious and cultural diversity of each individual.

Our Vision

As a result of knowing their civil and human rights, the individuals we serve are empowered to live the life they choose and desire. Equally important, as a result of the support and coaching that we provide, an individual can identify his/her skills and interests so that with hard work, determination and courage, every individual can realize their potential.

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