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Employment Services

  • Employment is at the core of being human, it answers the need of people to be valued, heard and seen. Through employment we have experiences, relationships, learning and activity that enrich our everyday lives.  My Choice Programs provides individuals with the opportunity to pursue their career vision. In our rapid engagement model, attention and energies are spent on helping people to identify their strengths, test their skills and find work that is satisfying and long lasting. We work at the pace of the person who is being served to secure employment in the shortest period of time possible while maintaining the expectation of creating value for the company who hires.

  • My Choice Programs facilitates The Journey We Call Career, a monthly employment support meeting that is based on sharing mutual experiences. Sharing our personal struggles and victories with people we allow us to discover how much we have in common in the course of our journeys. The mutual sharing inspires others to have courage, take action and build community.

For more information, contact the

Director of Employment


John Piselli

Phone Number:

508-556-6887 ext.109

Email Address:

Office Address:

1158 Main St, Worcester, MA 01603

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