Our Team

Alain Beret, J.D.


Alain J. Beret, C.E.O and in-house counsel, came to My Choice Programs in June of 2013. As head of the organization, Alain believes that his role is to provide an environment for talented, self-motivated, and engaging people who can think “outside the box” to create something new. He states: “My goal is to collaborate with our Board and talented staff to deliver services that are dynamic and relevant for anyone with intellectual challenges who is striving for a more meaningful, self-directed life”.  He is committed to making My Choice Programs the “first choice” for staff and consumers alike.

Chris Eckman


Chris Eckman began working at My Choice Programs in July, 2014, serving as the Executive Assistant. Knowledgeable and skilled in the area of information technology, Chris is widely considered by the My Choice staff as the in-house “info tech guru” and computer trouble shooter. Moreover, his artistic and graphic design capabilities add to Chris’ multi-dimensional contributions to the My Choice team.

John Lazzaro

Director of Development and Operation

John M. Lazzaro, started with the agency in 1984 as an Outreach Specialist.  John assumed the position of Director of Development and Operations in 2014. He states: “My greatest satisfaction is the experience of observing individuals gaining independent living skills to the extent that they grow to require less, not more services from paid supports. This is a true hallmark of successful service.”

Pamela Green

Director of Shared Living

With over 20 years of experience working in Human Services, Pam joined My Choice Programs in the fall of 2016 as the Director of our Shared Living Program. Pam is committed to helping the agency to be a leader in developing person-centered programs, and services that incorporate peer support as well as professional guidance. 

John Piselli, MA CAGS CRC.

Director of Employment Services

John Joined the team in September of 2016 and has over 22 years experience in vocational rehabilitation, counseling, mentoring and coordination of services. As John sees it, “Leading community vision has all to do with listening and appreciation. It begins with an invitation that is open and ongoing... and stimulated by discussion and sharing experiences.”

Daniel Roberts

Director of Quality Assurance

Daniel Joined the team in October of 2016. He believes that what makes the agency unique is its ability to “break down the stereotypes and prove that the individuals we serve are like anyone else”

Debra Aharonian

Director of Community Relations

Debra joined My Choice in May 2017. She has been in the field of human services for 30 years. In her position as Director of Community Relations, her mission is to build the agency’s relationship with the community. as she states: “we are creating a brand in Worcester." 

Linda Clement
Director of Support Services

Linda began working for the agency in 1988 as a counselor in the group residence. She was recently promoted to the position Director of Support Services. She states: “In my role with community supports, I have found that helping individuals live their lives in the way they choose presents challenges, but even greater rewards.”

LaTeasha Sams

Director of Residential Support

Since 2003, LaTeasha has served as the Program Director for the residential program located in Worcester. For her, the individuals that the agency serves is a source of inspiration. She believes that the residential home is a place where individuals can take control of their living environment. LaTeasha states that her motto is to: “Guide individuals to unlock their potential.”